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Trim Your Tree


1 piece #18 mono canvas, white, 6" x 6"
4 yards Emerald Watercolours
2 yards Candlelight, gold
200 seed beads
18" embroidery floss to match beads
#10 crewel needle
#22, #24 tapestry needles
3" x 4" gold oval frame

Stitching Directions:

Measure down 1" from the top center of the canvas to begin the first leaf stitch. Using 1 strand of Watercolours in your #22 tapestry needle, work the leaf stitches to form the tree, following the Master Chart. Each individual leaf stitch is worked as shown in the diagrams below.

Leaf Appearance Leaf Stitching Sequence

When tree is completely stitched, attach the trimmings!

Thread 1 long strand Candlelight in your #24 tapestry needle, bring the cut ends together, so you're working with 2 strands. Use this thread to place a French knot where indicated by black circles on the Master Chart.

Attach bead Garlands as follows: Use 1 strand floss doubled in your #10 crewel needle as described above. Come up in one of the gray squares on the Master Chart. Thread 18 beads on the thread and go down in the next gray square, being careful not to pull your thread too tight. You want the garlands to drape gracefully as indicated by the black curves.

Using the same thread, place a bead cluster on top of the tree. The general appearance is shown on the left below and the stitching diagram is given on the right. Using a #10 crewel needle and 1 strand of embroidery floss doubled in the needle, securely anchor the thread. Come up at 1, thread 2 beads on the needle and go down at 2. Come up at 3, thread another 2 beads on the needle and go down at 4. Use your fingernail or a laying tool to arrange the beads like the four corner beads on the chart below left. Come up at 5, thread 1 bead on the needle, and go down at 6. This bead should sit in the middle of the other 4 beads. Come up again at 7, run your needle through this last bead and go back down at 8. This final stitch locks the bead in place.

Bead Cluster Appearance Bead Cluster Stitching Sequence


To finish your ornament, center the design in the frame and trace the opening on your canvas. I used the plastic oval to trace. Run a line of white glue along the traced outline. Let glue dry thoroughly. Cut canvas along glued line (the glue will stop the canvas from coming apart) and place in frame.

Master Chart:

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